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19 January
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As you'll learn about me, I'm usually pretty happy with life,
I have a wonderful boyfriend, who I absolutely adore && vice versa ;) I have amazing friends, friends who are ALWAYS there for me when I need them, I have a great family (part of the time, lol), I make good grades, all in all, I do pretty well for myself. Let's just say, as of right now, life couldn't be better. And I'm perfectly happy with that ;) Hey, what more could a girl ask for, right?
So, I'm 16, I'm a Sophmore at Coeburn High, I have blue eyes, light brown hair, && I'm about 5'5. I'm funny, (I love to make people laugh) I'm outgoing, energetic, friendly, nice, && can be a smartass, if pushed ;) But, you could say, I'm just your typical, teenage girl =)




His name is David :)

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He's everything I could have ever hoped for && more ;)
I've completely fallen for him, && I don't regret it one bit. He's the only thing I've ever cared this much about. And, without him, I feel lost && incomplete. I use to wonder if I would ever find someone to love me, && cherish me, && respect me the way you see in all the love stories && movies. And I finally did, I finally found that perfect person to complete me. He's my soulmate, && I don't doubt that a bit. If I didn't have him in my life, I really don't know what I would do. I don't understand how you can go your whole life feeling complete, && then you meet that person && suddenly the things you thought you knew don't mean anything anymore. It's like he's turned your world around, && in reality, he has.









aPRil, alliS0N, sh0oGer, shAe, viK, sTEph, hAilEy, jUlz, tAsha, babYgirl, bRitT, bUb, eRiCa =)
Where do I even start? These girls have been there for me, through thick && thin. I would be nowhere w/out them. They truly are the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I can count on them, no matter when, no matter why. They got my back, right girls?! I love you all :)





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